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Basco shower doors have a reputation for excellence and style

Check out Basco shower doors if you are installing a new shower stall in your bathroom. Basco shower doors are well known for their elegant appearance and outstanding performance. As such the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products. All kinds of clear and etched glass shower doors are available on the internet these days. The traditional style of bypass shower doors is still popular, but many people find the tracks this style uses are difficult to keep clean. A frameless shower door is designed to be much easier to look after.

Basco shower doors come in a range of designs and can be made to measure if you require a custom shower door for your bathroom design. Many people choose a Basco shower door for its superior features and because they know it is a quality name they can trust. When installing your shower stall enclosure think about what type of glass would look good. For example, clear glass can help create an impression of spaciousness in a small bathroom, as well as allowing the tiles to be seen.

As well as Basco shower doors, there are lots of other top quality custom shower enclosures out there. Think about what style would work well with your bathroom design. For instance, would patterned or colored glass fit in with your décor? Give some thought to your shower door hardware like handles and hinges. What finish would look good? Brass, chrome and brushed nickel are some of the options. Check out the online retailers listed here for some help making your decision.