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A modern bathroom medicine cabinet is great for storage and style

A bathroom medicine cabinet can have an effect on the look and feel of the whole bathroom. Unlike fixed items such as the toilet and bathtub, a bathroom medicine cabinet is relatively easy to replace if you fancy a new look. These days bathroom medicine cabinets are designed to hold all sorts of different things, not just packets of pills and bottles of medicine. The majority of this sort of bathroom cabinet are rectangular or square and are built to be installed either vertically or horizontally on the wall.

A bathroom medicine cabinet can add style as well as providing valuable storage space for all your clutter. Bathroom cabinets come in a wide variety of designs, depending on your needs. They may have a glass or mirror door and shelving inside. Think about what will be stored in your bathroom wall cabinet. A small cabinet would be suitable for little things like toothbrushes, whereas a larger one could provide more storage space for things like hair driers and electric shavers. Modern bathroom storage cabinets can have all kinds of partitions and compartments to hold a wide range of toiletries and appliances.

Traditionally a bathroom medicine cabinet would be mounted on the wall above the sink. But you can install a wall mounted cabinet in another position if this makes more sense for your bathrooms layout. It obviously depends on the size of your bathroom wall cabinet and the space available in the room. Before fixing it to the wall it is advisable to check the functionality of it in your chosen position by making sure the doors can be opened and it is easily accessible. Take a look at the excellent online stores listed here to see lots of top quality products at great prices.