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Bathroom shower curtains – The quick and affordable makeover option!

Bathroom shower curtains are inexpensive to buy and can have a big impact on the overall appearance of a bathroom or shower stall area. If your bathroom’s looking a bit tired, a really easy way to give it a lift is to fit a new fabric or plastic shower curtain.  Bathroom shower curtains come in a massive choice of colors and patterns, and are brilliant for adding freshness to a room and sprucing up your bathroom’s image.

Bathroom shower curtains are designed to be really easy to fit.  You simply need some hooks or rings to hang your curtain in place over a tension shower curtain rod.  Hookless shower curtains, which use poppers to clip into place, are also widely available.  Many people like to buy a spare shower curtain, so they can change the look of their bathroom whenever they feel like it.  For instance, novelty or Christmas shower curtains add to the mood during the holiday season.

Bathroom shower curtains can be made from fabric such as cotton lined with a waterproof liner, or from other materials such as polyester or vinyl.  They are effective at stopping water spray leaking out of the tub into the surrounding room, and can be used with electric and mixer showers, although with the high-pressure of a power shower, a glass shower door might be more suitable.  All kinds of discount shower curtains can be purchased online, making it simple and affordable to transform your bathroom.