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Custom frameless shower enclosures can be made to measure

These days custom frameless shower enclosures can be purchased on the internet from top quality manufacturers such as Kohler and Sterling. Custom frameless shower enclosures can be adapted to any bathroom layout, so you can have a frameless shower enclosure made to meet your precise requirements. All glass shower enclosures can look fantastic and as they can help give a room an open airy look. Check out some of the online retailers listed on this site for some ideas to help you decide on your new look.

Custom frameless shower enclosures are made from tempered glass. This type of glass is thick and very hard to break. As well as adding a touch of luxury to a bathroom, it is designed to be long lasting and durable. Bathroom shower tub enclosures can be made in a variety of different styles of glass, including etched, molded and colored. Clear glass enclosures for shower and bath tubs can be a fantastic way to show off decorative new tiles. Browse these online stores to see what designs take your fancy.

When looking at custom frameless shower enclosures, think about what look you are aiming for. Give some thought to the type of door that would work best in your bathroom. For example, with a corner shower enclosure a neo angle shower door could be a good option. With a frameless glass shower enclosure, the shower door hardware such as handles and hinges, can be directly attached to the glass. Have fun giving your bathroom a modern new look.