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A custom glass shower enclosure can be a wonderful addition to your bathroom

Looking for a custom glass shower enclosure just perfect for your particular bathroom? A custom glass shower enclosure can be specially cut to fit your bathroom layout. These days the internet is a great place to find all kinds of custom shower enclosures at affordable prices. Check out some of the online stores listed here for some ideas of the different types of bathroom shower enclosures available. Think about whether you like frameless ones or ones with frames.

Buying a custom glass shower enclosure is an excellent way to put your individual mark into your bathroom design. Frameless glass shower enclosures are very popular these days, as they can look sleek and modern. They can also make a small bathroom look lighter and more spacious. Glass enclosures for shower and bath tubs are made from special tempered glass. This is designed to be long lasting and very difficult to break. It is quite thick and can add a touch of luxury to a bathroom.

When choosing a custom glass shower enclosure you can choose from a wide selection of different glass finishes. For example, etched glass shower doors are very popular. Clear glass is ideal if you have some nice decorative tiles you want to show off. Molded and colored glass are other options. On custom frameless shower enclosures you can choose the finish of your shower door hardware. Then the hinges and handles can be directly mounted onto the glass. Take a look at these online retailers for some inspiration.