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Custom Shower Curtains Can Be Adapted Just For You

Custom shower curtains can be made to measure so they can be an exact fit for your particular bathroom. Custom shower curtains tend to be more costly than standard ready made ones, but they can add a real feeling of decadence to a bathroom. They can be a good idea if you need an extra long shower curtain or if you have a tricky area to cover. If you are bathroom remodeling then bear in mind that custom shower curtain rods are also available to complete the stylish new look.

You can get custom shower curtains in a choice of water resistant fabrics such as nylon, vinyl or PVC. Cloth shower curtains made from cotton based fabrics may not have a waterproof lining. In that case special shower curtain liners can be added for full protection from the effects of water spray. Take a look at some of the online retailers listed here to see exactly what they can offer to help you achieve your desired new look bathroom within your decorating budget.

With custom shower curtains there is an enormous selection of different designs to choose from, including lots of different animal shower curtains with dolphin, dog or moose pictures on. Aquatic themes such as fish or sea shells are popular, as are nautical shower curtains with things like boats or lighthouses on them. Choose colors that will compliment your bathroom décor such as towels and bath rugs. It can be great fun giving your shower or bathroom a facelift.