Showers & Bathrooms


Custom shower enclosures can be made to your precise requirements

Looking for custom shower enclosures to complete your bathrooms new look? These days you can find loads of custom shower enclosures on the internet. Check out some of the online merchants listed on this site for a full range of bathroom shower enclosures in a selection of different styles. Custom enclosures for shower and bath tubs can be made to measure and adapted to fit any bathroom layout. Give some thought to the type of look you want to achieve and do not be afraid to ask manufacturers for their suggestions.

Custom shower enclosures can be built to your own individual specifications. Consider what would work well with your bathroom décor. For example, glass block shower enclosures are very popular these days, but are they to your taste? For easy maintenance an alternative to ceramic tiles is to install a fiberglass shower enclosure. Would that fit in with your bathrooms style? Custom frameless shower enclosures are another fashionable choice that can help create a sense of space in a small bathroom.

With custom shower enclosures you can choose from a selection of different frame finishes such as brushed nickel, brass or gold plated. Or you may opt for a frameless glass shower enclosure, in which the shower door hardware can be fitted straight onto the glass. Consider whether you want a sliding or a folding shower door, depending on your personal preferences and the space available. For making the most of a small space a corner neo angle shower enclosure could be a good option. Check out some bathroom shower tub enclosures online for some more ideas.