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Adding The Finishing Touches To Your Bathroom Decorating

Once the major upheaval of fitting a new bathroom suite and all the plumbing work that ensues is out of the way, and the tiling and grouting has been done, your bathroom still won’t be completely finished.  With all the new fixtures in place, now’s the time to take stock and look at all the other little jobs that need to be done in order to give your bathroom a professional-looking finish.

Before you get carried away with putting up shelves and mounting towel rails or cabinets on the wall, take this opportunity to give your walls and ceiling a lick of paint – it’s much easier to do this without any obstructions in your way.  Painting is a cheap and easy way to add color to your bathroom and create a welcoming ambiance, particularly if there’s a lot of white in your suite and tiles.  However, do make the effort to properly prepare your surfaces before you get your brush out – scrape off and sand down any loose or flakey bits, fill in any dents or holes etc.  The same principle applies to your woodwork, such as your skirting boards, door frames etc.

Next, get rid of those moldy old net curtains and replace them with a stylish roller blind made from a moisture-resistant fabric that won’t rot in the steamy bathroom environment.  A plastic Venetian blind is another option.  Alternatively, you could give yourself some privacy but keep the advantage of letting light shine into the room, by sticking frosted plastic film over your clear glass windows – a much more economical option than fitting frosted glass.

You can now start to accessorize your bathroom to make it really user-friendly as well as giving it a fashionable new image.  Think practicalities as well as looks.  For instance, glass shelving might be the latest trend, but consider whether the space might be better used for a wall mounted storage cabinet.  One advantage of bathroom cabinets is they allow you to close the doors on your clutter and can conceal all manner of items you wouldn’t want on display!

Choose suitable positions for your towel rails – ideally within reach of the bath or shower stall, with a smaller rail or ring for a hand towel near the sink.  Sit on the toilet to work out the best position for your toilet roll holder.  And figure out where a mirror would be most convenient, both in terms of grooming and shaving, but also for reflecting light and creating a feeling of spaciousness.

All these little details soon add up and they play an essential part in transforming your bathroom into a functional and stylish haven of tranquility, where you can wash away the worries of the day and enjoy some well-deserved pampering after all your hard work!