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Find a folding shower door at a fantastic price online

A folding shower door is great if you have a large bathroom and it can help create a feeling of space and luxury. A folding shower door can be hinge mounted or pivoting and can be secured with magnetic catches. Have a look at some of the folding shower doors available from the online stores listed here. It you have limited space in your bathroom then a sliding shower door may be a better choice. Bypass shower doors as they are also known are good for use over bathtubs, but can be difficult to clean properly.

A folding shower door can be fixed to swing either in just one direction or in both directions. If your shower stall door opens just one way, it is essential that it opens outwards to prevent anyone becoming trapped inside the shower enclosure. Frameless glass shower doors are very popular these days. Instead of aluminium frames, they are made completely of thick tempered glass, which can give a sense of openness and space in a room.

If a folding shower door is frameless the hinges will be mounted directly onto the glass. A frameless shower door can be a bit easier to keep clean. Because these sorts of doors are made from heavier glass they tend to be more durable too. When buying a bath shower door that opens outwards, make sure that there are no hazards in the way. It is important there is space for it to open without hitting any bathroom fixtures like the sink or toilet. Have a look at some of your options online before making a decision.