Showers & Bathrooms


Folding shower doors can add a sense of grandeur to a bathroom

Looking for folding shower doors to complete your bathrooms new look? Folding shower doors are great if you have a large bathroom with space for a door to swing open. If not, then a bypass or sliding shower door would be more appropriate. A folding shower door has to be able to open outwards to prevent the user from becoming trapped inside the shower enclosure. You may want to check out some bi fold shower doors as well, which combine sliding and folding features.

Folding shower doors can be secured with magnetic catches. They can be pivoting or mounted on hinges. If you opt for a frameless shower door the hinges will be mounted directly onto the glass, which as well as creating a sense of space can be easier to keep clean. Think about what kinds of glass you want. Cleaning glass shower doors is much easier without tracks that attract dirt and oil. They come in clear, molded and etched glass designs, as well as colored and patterned options.

Folding shower doors can be found at very reasonable prices with online retailers. If you do not want to spend a lot of money then have a look at some discount shower doors from a clearance line to see if you can find a bargain. By using a reputable shower door manufacturer such as Basco or Kohler you can expect a top quality bath shower door that will last for years. Have fun exploring the options available to you.