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Frameless folding shower doors can create a feeling of space

Frameless folding shower doors do not have any aluminium frames, and are made from thick tempered safety glass. An advantage of frameless folding shower doors is that they are easier to clean than bypass sliding doors. Trackless shower doors can also look more elegant. A frameless glass shower door will have its hinges mounted directly onto the glass, which can help add to the illusion of space in the bathroom. Have a look at the quality products offered by these online retailers to help you decide on the best option for you.

Frameless folding shower doors are best suited to large bathrooms where there is plenty of space for the door to open into the room without hitting any bathroom fixtures like the sink or toilet. A folding shower door can be double action, meaning it opens in both directions or it can be single action. If it opens just one way it is essential it opens outwards to prevent the user from being stuck inside the shower enclosure. Frameless glass shower doors are much better at letting in light and are much more durable than bath curtains.

Frameless folding shower doors can be made to measure if you have an awkward shaped bathtub or shower stall enclosure. Custom frameless shower doors will of course cost more, but the effects on the appearance of your bathroom layout can be sensational. With a custom shower door you can choose exactly what type of glass you want to use and select the best shower door hardware such as hinges and handles to complete the new look.