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Frameless glass shower doors are ideal for showing off decorative tiles 

Frameless glass shower doors are great for helping to create an airy spacious feeling in a bathroom. These days you can purchase frameless glass shower doors on the internet, which can save time and money. A frameless shower door will not have any aluminium frames and its hinges will be mounted directly onto the glass, making it easier to keep clean. The glass used in all glass shower doors is heavier than usual. This thick tempered glass look can add to the feeling of luxury and durability.

Frameless glass shower doors come in a range of different styles, the suitability of which depends on your bathroom layout and personal tastes. Folding shower doors are good where there is a large area for them to open into. They can be suitable for large bath tubs as long as they do not hit any bathroom fixtures or pose a hazard when opened. Frameless sliding shower doors are good when there is limited space, but they do operate on tracks, which can be awkward to keep clean.

With frameless glass shower doors you can show off your decorative bathroom tiles to their full potential if you choose a clear glass. Etched shower doors or those with colored glass are other options. Frameless bypass shower doors are good to have over a bathtub when space is limited. A sliding shower door like this will come in several sections and will slide along its tracks on rollers, which need to be replaced if they wear out. It all depends on the layout and size of your bathroom.