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A frameless sliding shower door can look great over a bathtub

Installing a frameless sliding shower door can work wonders at improving the appearance of a small sized bathroom. A frameless sliding shower door made from glass can help let in light and make a small space feel larger. Sliding shower doors are great over a bathtub where there is limited space, whereas folding shower doors have to be able to open outwards without restricting access or bumping into any fixtures. Have a look at some online stores to get an idea of the choices available.

A frameless sliding shower door will come in two or three separate sections. Bypass shower doors, as they are also known, need a track at the top and bottom to slide along. Potential disadvantages here are that the track can be a bit awkward to clean and the rollers can get worn out and have to be replaced. However, the benefits of having this type of bath shower door are great. Frameless glass shower doors can be really effective in a small bathroom at showing it off to its full potential. Clear glass can be a great way to show off decorative tiles too.

If a frameless sliding shower door sounds like the best option for your bathroom layout, check out some of the online stores listed here for some ideas of the styles of glass available. Etched shower doors are popular as are colored glass ones. It is up to you to decide what would look best with your bathroom fixtures and décor. It you want a unique look then check out some custom frameless shower doors to see what could be made to meet your specific requirements.