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Check out glass block shower enclosures if you want a stylish new look

Glass block shower enclosures are a very popular choice with many people who are looking for a modern look for their bathroom. Glass block shower enclosures can be purchased from top quality online merchants at affordable prices. Check out some of the stores listed on this site to get an idea of the fantastic range of different types of enclosures for shower tubs out there. As well as glass block designs, there are framed and frameless glass shower enclosures made from tempered glass.

If glass block shower enclosures are not really your style, you may want to consider having a custom glass shower enclosure especially made to your individual requirements. With custom shower enclosures you get to choose exactly what design you want, what type of glass and what type of door. You even get to select which finish you want for the shower door hardware, such as hinges and handles. Have a look at some bathroom shower tub enclosures online to get some ideas together.

Modern glass block shower enclosures can make quite a striking impression in a bathroom. Another option would be something from the range of frameless shower enclosures, made from all glass. These are popular as they let in a lot of light and can make a small bathroom appear larger. Clear glass is ideal if you have some decorative tiles you want to show off. Other choices include etched patterns, molded and colored glass. It depends on your personal preferences and your bathroom design.