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Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover Ideas – Tips and Tricks For A Bathroom on A Budget


Perhaps you’ve recently moved house and your new bathroom is stuck in a style rut or a 1970s timewarp, or maybe it’s just been a long time since you last decorated.  Along with kitchens, bathrooms are the most important rooms in the home. A stylish modern bathroom can add to the value of your house and increase its saleability, but remember, when doing any bathroom remodelling, costs can soon escalate. A well though out makeover can certainly offer you more "bang for your buck" and savings could be around a third of the cost of adding a new bathroom.  Here are a few tips on how you can rejuvenate your bathroom relatively cheaply – helping you make a big difference for minimal cost.

Avoid the major plumbing work and associated costs involved in changing the position of your bathroom fixtures by leaving your bath, toilet and sink in their original positions.  If you do feel the need to replace them, for example, if your suite is in dated avocado green, or the bath is cracked, there will still be some plumbing, but a lot less than if you try to change the whole layout of your room.

Another scenario where you can save on professional fees is to use a special tile paint to paint over unattractive wall tiles, rather than hire a tiler to replace them.  Or if you have confidence in your DIY skills, you could attempt to do the tiling yourself.  Another top tip for sprucing up plain tiles is to add color and patterns using tile transfers.

It’s surprisingly how effective a lick of paint can be in improving the look and feel of a dingy bathroom.  By choosing the right color, you can really open up a small space and make it appear lighter and brighter.  Paint is cheap to buy, but remember that preparation is key – skimp on this and it will show in the end result.  Wash down the walls and ceiling with sugar soap, clean off any mold with bleach, fill any holes with filler and sand woodwork.  Now is also the time to get rid of things that aren’t staying, such as old cabinets or towel rails, so you have a nice blank canvass to work on.

Use a dust sheet to protect your fixtures and faucets from paint splashes.  Always work from the top down and start by painting the ceiling before moving on to the walls, leaving the woodwork until last.  If the walls are dark, it’s cheaper to use basic white emulsion paint as an undercoat, before applying one or two layers of specialist bathroom paint.  Bathroom paint is a bit more expensive than ordinary emulsion, but it’s formulated to prevent mold forming, so will look better for longer – so you won’t have to paint again so soon.

Once the decorating is complete, it’s time to add the finishing touches.  There are numerous ways to do this.  For instance, you could dress up the room with fluffy towels – replace those old, faded or mismatched ones with fresh new ones.  White towels always look clean and are good for opening up a small space, but if you have a lot of white in your décor, you could use colored towels to add a splash of color and warmth.  Other cheap accessories that can help set the mood in the bathroom include mirrors, soap dishes, toilet paper holders and towel rails.  Decorative touches include scented candles, pot plants and wicker baskets for holding toiletries.

These are just a few suggestions that are easy and cheap to do, and don’t involve too much effort, but can radically transform a dull bathroom and give it a much-needed makeover.