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A Kohler shower door can be a wonderful addition to your bathroom

The Kohler shower door range covers several different styles. A Kohler shower door can be found for bath tubs and shower stall enclosures of most shapes and sizes. Kohler bypass shower doors are particularly good over bath tubs where there is limited space for a door to open outwards. Sliding shower doors are very common, but they can be a bit tricky to keep clean and dirt tends to get trapped in the tracks and where the sections overlap.

Another Kohler shower door type has a pivot design. Pivot shower doors are great for use in shower stall enclosures. It may be helpful to you to ask your shower door manufacturer for their advice on the best style for your bathroom layout and size. Another option is a neo angle shower door, which can be an ideal match for a corner shower enclosure where space is at a premium. It all depends on your personal preferences and your particular bathroom design.

When buying a Kohler shower door you can select the best look for your bathroom from a range of different frames and stylish glass patterns. Pay attention to details such as the finish of your shower door hinges and handles. Brushed nickel is a versatile choice that looks good with most types of glass. Satin chrome or brass are other options. Whether you prefer clear or etched glass doors you are sure to be pleased with your new style bathroom. Have a look at some of these online retailers for some inspiration.