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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Your choice of lighting is critical in creating a relaxing and welcoming ambiance in your bathroom.  There are all sorts of different light fittings to choose from, and the intensity and direction of the light is also an important consideration. 

Flush lighting is commonly used in modern bathrooms.  This sort of lighting is where several small lights are recessed into the ceiling or walls.  They are generally low voltage, but with several of them it’s possible to illuminate the whole room and achieve a soft, relaxing light, avoiding the harsh brightness of a single pendant light.  This type of light fitting can be adjusted so the light falls at different angles to create your desired look and mood. 

Lights mounted onto rails are also popular in contemporary style bathrooms, the lighting rails themselves being decorative features.  Many designs enable the lights to be moved along the rails, so you can adjust the lighting accordingly.  Generally, these types of lights are low voltage, so they provide a soft light that can work well in a bathroom environment.

In traditional bathrooms, and some modern ones, low-level and wall lighting is commonly used.  This type of lighting allows the emphasis of the light to be directed to particular areas of a bathroom, such as towards a sink or vanity unit.  The contrasting light helps enhance the character of a bathroom, whilst providing good illumination in functional areas.

If your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light, a mirror can be positioned to reflect the available light and therefore help the room seem lighter and more spacious.  A large sized mirror will have more of an impact than a small one in this situation.  Choosing soft, pale colors on your walls and in your choice of suite, can also help a dark bathroom look lighter and will make the most of any natural light in the room.