Showers & Bathrooms


Quality shower door hardware can make a big difference in any bathroom

Shopping for shower door hardware is a lot easier with the advent of the internet. There are several top quality stores selling a range of shower door hardware online. Check out the online stores listed here for some idea of the choice available. Shower door handles and hinges can be found in a variety of different finishes, including traditional chrome, gold plated and brushed nickel. Think about what would look the best with your glass shower door.

As well as shower door hardware, online stores offer a fantastic selection of frameless glass shower doors at reasonable prices. Check out some folding shower doors if you have a large enough bathroom. If space is at a premium you may be considering a corner shower enclosure in which case a neo angle shower door could be ideal. Think about the size and shape of your bathroom to work out what would look the good and make the best use of the space available.

Shower door hardware can be mounted directly onto the glass on frameless shower doors. The glass used in this type of door is made extra thick so it is very durable and it can give a feeling of luxury to a room. Shower door hinges can be used to allow a folding shower door to open either in both directions or just one way. If you choose a single action hinge then it is important to ensure the door opens outward for safety reasons. Also make sure that there is enough space for the door to open without hitting any bathroom fixtures or causing a potential hazard.