Showers & Bathrooms


A sliding shower door is a great way to keep your bathroom dry

Installing a sliding shower door is an effective way to prevent water spray leaking out of your shower area. A sliding shower door is much sturdier and durable than a shower curtain. Frameless sliding shower doors have the advantage of not taking up a lot of space, so they are ideal for use over bath tubs and in small bathrooms. Reputable manufacturers include Sterling, Century and Basco shower doors. Check out the online retailers listed on this site for some top quality products.

A sliding shower door will come in two or three sections and will need tracks to glide along. These can be awkward to keep clean and can be tripped over. For those with limited mobility there are barrier free trackless shower doors for improved accessibility. These often use an accordion or bi fold shower door design. Sliding or bypass shower doors come in a variety of framed and frameless options. Frames are available in a choice of finishes.

A sliding shower door made from glass can help make a small bathroom appear more spacious, letting in more light than a shower curtain. All glass shower doors are made from special tempered glass that can look very elegant, as well as being designed to last a long time. A glass shower door can be cut to size and there are a variety of different styles of glass to choose from, including molded, colored and etched glass. If you are looking for a unique look, check out some custom shower doors from online stores such as those listed here.