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Bathroom Vanities Buying Guide – A Brief Introduction To The Different Bathroom Vanity Styles

Changing your bathroom vanity cabinet is an effective way to give your whole bathroom a fresh new look.  Bath vanities take center stage is any bathroom design.  If your old vanity unit is showing its age or simply looks outdated and doesn’t fit in with your bathroom’s new image, it’s time for a change!  A bathroom vanity isn’t something most of us purchase often, so it’s likely you don’t know much about the different options available – and bare in mind, there is a phenomenal choice out there.  Here’s a brief guide to help make your decision easier.


Wood is a very versatile material and is commonly used in bathroom vanities of all different styles.  Wooden vanities can be made from a variety of woods, which is a key factor is determining the price.  For instance, an ornately crafted vanity unit made from a solid wood such as mahogany is likely to cost significantly more than one made from a cheaper wood such as pine.  Depending on what would look best with your bathroom’s style and color scheme, you can opt for a natural-looking finish to show off the beauty of the wood, or go for one that’s painted, to add a touch of color to your décor.  Because bathrooms are areas of high-humidity, a well-made wooden vanity will be finished with a varnish or paint that’s formulated to be water-resistant, to help stop the wood rotting or mold forming.

Glass is another material that’s used, particularly in more contemporary bathroom vanities.  The glass used is very tough, so is able to stand up to lots of use as well as looking sleek and stylish.  Glass is often combined with wood or steel in fashionable modern designs.


For your bathroom’s makeover to work, it’s essential to decide on a decorating theme and make sure all your new fixtures coordinate.  For instance, a contemporary bathroom vanity made from glass and chrome is likely to look out of place in a traditional style home.  However, a modern or contemporary vanity can look fabulous in the right setting and can be a unique focal point. 

In a period home, you’re likely to want a vanity unit that’s in keeping with the look and feel of the rest of your house.  In this case, antique effect vanities are suitable, combining the elegance and decorative features of bath vanities from days gone by with the function to meet modern lifestyles.  If you have a spacious ensuite or family bathroom, one option to consider is a double sink vanity.  Having two sinks is a luxurious and practical addition to a busy bathroom.

No matter what your tastes and budget, with a bit of planning and research, you’re sure to find a vanity that’s perfect for your bathroom’s makeover and at a price that’s right.