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How To Fit A Venetian Blind In A Bathroom

Decide whether you want to fit your blind inside or outside your bathroom window.  Accurate measurements are especially important if you intend to fit your blind inside the recess, so that the sides don’t rub against the walls when it’s in use.  If your blind is too wide, it can’t be used, as it won’t fit properly.  When measuring your recess, take measurements of the width at the top, middle and bottom, and double-check these.  It’s not unusual for the width to vary slightly at different heights.  If this is the case, use the narrowest point to determine the width of the blind you require.

The first step is to fix the retaining brackets to your window frame.  These usually have a hinged section that you’ll need to open before you fit them, by hand or using a screwdriver as a lever.  Hold the first bracket where it’s going to be fitted, as the top corner of the window frame.  With a bradawl, mark through the screw holes into the frame below.  Then put the bracket to one side and make pilot holes using a drill.  Then screw the bracket into position.  Do the same with the second bracket, at the opposite corner.

Once your brackets are secured, slot your blind into place, with the ends of the head rail in the brackets.  To lock the blind into position, close the hinged sections of the brackets.  If your blind comes with a pelmet to conceal the bracket fixings, this can be attached to the head rail using Velcro pads.