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Bathroom Faucets - Attention to detail can make all the difference!


Bathroom faucets come in a range of different styles and finishes.  If you're choosing your bath faucets as the finishing touch to your bathroom's makeover, it's worth spending some time to find the most suitable ones for your needs.  Looks are obviously a prime consideration when buying bathtub and sink faucets.  Remember to choose a style that will match or compliment your other bathroom fixtures, such as the hardware on your bathroom cabinets and your shower door.  Attention to these small details can make a huge difference to the appearance of your finished bathroom.

Bathroom faucets are available in a variety of finishes, from shiny silver chrome to elegant brass or gold-plated.  Styles can be found to suit all kinds of bathrooms, from antique or period to contemporary themes.  When choosing new sink or bath faucets, functionality is just as important as aesthetics.  Find out if you have a low or high pressure water system, as this can influence which sort of faucets would be best. Conventional bathroom sink faucets work by using rubber washers and valves to control the rate of flow, whereas newer designs often use ceramic disc valves.  Take into consideration whether you have hard or soft water, as this is another factor than can affect your taps.

Bathroom Faucets Bathroom Faucets

When fitting bath faucets, you can either replace the existing taps and use the same holes, or buy a new bath with either one or two holes depending on which type of faucet you want.  Today, mixer taps are the generally preferred option on a sink, as they enable you to control the temperature of the running water – rather than scalding yourself with water that’s too hot!  You can have either a single lever or two taps to control the temperature.  You faucets can even be wall mounted for a really stylish look.  Whatever style you choose, make sure that your bath and sink faucets match each other.

Contemporary bathroom faucets are perfect if you’re looking for a designer up-to-the minute look.  Chrome is the finish of choice in most cases, with current popular designs featuring smooth lines and curves.  Alternatively, if you’re renovating an older home and want to preserve its character and history, or you simply prefer the classic look, then traditional style faucets are for you. 

The traditional cross head design with the white ceramic tops labeled “hot” and “cold” dates from the early 20th century.  Variations on this theme include flat or curved tops, straight edged or rounded handles.  Single taps are more in keeping with the Victorian era, but some models incorporate a cradle bath shower mixer, so you can keep the twin taps but have the modern convenience of controlling the temperature.  Flared spouts are a perennial favorite with a classical design.  Gold or brass plated finishes add rustic charm from a bygone era, but period faucets are also available in chrome for a modern twist.