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Shower Doors

Shower doors may be more expensive than shower curtains, but they have a number of advantages.  Shower doors are effective at preventing any water leaking out from the shower, and a door is a must if you’re installing a power shower, as a curtain won’t be able to stand up to the force of the spray.  Shower doors are made from durable materials and are built to last for years.  They are also excellent for letting light shine through into the shower stall, which not only makes for a more pleasant showering experience, it can help give your bathroom an open and spacious feel.

There are various ways in which shower doors work, and which type you choose depends on what would be most suitable for your bathroom’s layout.

Sliding shower doors are commonly used, particularly in smaller bathrooms where a folding door wouldn’t be practical, and over bathtubs.  Also known as bypass doors, these doors consist of two or three panels that open by gliding over each other on rollers.  To do this they need tracks to slide along, which can be tricky to keep clean.  It can also be difficult to clean where the sections overlap.

Folding shower doors swing outwards into the room for safety reasons.  Because of this, folding doors are most commonly found in larger bathrooms where there’s plenty of space for them too swing open without being obstructed by sinks, toilets or furniture.  A folding shower door can add a luxurious touch to a spacious bathroom.  Folding doors close using magnetic catches and operate on hinges or pivots.

Bi-fold shower doors are useful when space is restricted, such as where the doorway is narrow or there’s no room to a folding door.  Like sliding doors they require a track to operate.  They are made in sections that move like an accordion.
These days glass shower doors are a very popular choice with people planning a new look for their bathrooms. Glass shower doors come in a variety of styles and a choice of finishes.  Clear glass is a great option, particularly if you want to show off some nice tiles. Other choices include opaque, molded, etched and colored glass designs. A glass shower door is a stylish and durable alternative to a less expensive shower curtain. Frameless glass shower doors are a fashionable favorite. Made from tempered glass, they are very tough and hard to break, and designed to last a long time. This type of shower door can help create a feeling of openness and give an impression of spaciousness to a small bathroom. With this type of design the door hardware, such as hinges and handles, can be mounted directly onto the glass. The frameless style can be easier to keep clean as well.

Glass shower doors also come with frames, as many people prefer this more traditional look. The frames come in a choice of different finishes, depending on your personal preferences, including chrome and brass-plated as well as various colors that are popular in more contemporary bathrooms. They are usually made from a specially-treated type of aluminum that is corrosion-resistant and longlasting.