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Bathroom Sinks - What type of sink is the best choice for your bathroom?

Bathroom sinks are the often focal point of your bathroom, so it’s important that you take some time to think about the look that you are trying to create.  Modern sink designs offer a versatile range of styles, but it is possible to get overwhelmed by the choice, so take some time to think about what type of sink would fit in with your bathroom’s design as well as your lifestyle. 

Looks are almost as important as function.  It’s essential that your sink compliments your toilet and bath. What you’re aiming for is to keep the theme of your bathroom constant throughout, and having a sink that stands out like a sore thumb simply will not wash - so to speak! Consider the space available, whether you want to include shelving or cabinet space, and what the overall look of your bathroom is, be this contemporary or traditional.


Undermount Bathroom Sink        Inset Bathroom Sink

Sinks come in a range of shapes, from round or oval to semi-circular or rectangular.  They come with either one or two holes for faucets, depending on whether you want separate hot and cold taps, or a mixer.  Sinks are traditionally made from porcelain, but these days there are various styles of contemporary bathroom sinks made from materials such as copper, glass or stone.  Granite bathroom sink designs are very popular at the moment, due to the fact that they are robust and heard wearing. Generally speaking, the design will encompass a vessel bowl that sits on a stone countertop and is usually either polished, or rough on the outside. 


When choosing a new sink, take into account the practicalities and aesthetics as well as your budget.  In a well-designed bathroom, even a discount bathroom sink can look sleek and elegant, so with some careful planning you should be able to get the look you want within your price range.  Here’s a guide to the most common types of sinks available:

Pedestal sinks are the type that you are probably most familiar with, as they are commonly used in many homes.  As well as being fixed to the wall, a pedestal sink rests on top of a ceramic base.  This pedestal column is not only able to support a good-sized basin, but it’s specially designed to conveniently conceal the pipes and plumbing to the faucets and waste, so it has a tidy appearance.  Pedestal sinks also take up a minimal amount of room, so are a good choice if your bathroom’s on the small side.

Vanity sinks are either mounted on or sunk into a vanity unit.  A bathroom sink vanity is worth considering, since the sink will actually be mounted in the furniture base, giving you that much needed extra storage space.  Sink vanities have the advantage of incorporating some form of storage, be it open shelving or a built in cabinet.  Storage space, or lack of, is a contention in most bathrooms. A bathroom sink cabinet is great for hiding away all those cluttering cosmetics from shampoo bottles to hairbrushes.  A vanity is excellent for maximizing the use of space in smaller bathrooms, or for providing a useful extra storage place for all that clutter in family bathrooms.  Both vessel style and inset sinks are incorporated into a vanity top, which offers a convenient work surface.