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Planning Your Bathroom's New Look

Renovating a bathroom is a major task, which inevitably results in a certain degree of upheaval and expense.  However, with careful planning you can figure out how to get the look you want for a reasonable price and with minimal inconvenience.   Here we give you some tips on how to go about planning the changes to your bathroom's layout and how to judge the amount of work involved, as well as deciding which jobs you're able to do yourself and which you'll need to hire a tradesperson to complete.   This guide aims to offer an outline of the main factors to consider when planning your bathroom's makeover.

Planning Your Bathroom Makeover
In our opinion, the average bathroom is rather on the small side, considering how much time we all spend in our bathrooms, so making the most of the space available is key when planning a new look for your bathroom.

Bathroom Styles
Your bathroom's new style will define it's character, so it's a crucial consideration during the planning stage.

Planning Tips
Important factors to consider when planning your bathroom remodeling.

Getting Organized
Tips on how to get organized when planning your bathroom's new look, so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Choosing Bathroom Fixtures
A guide to the different styles of baths, sinks and toilets.

Selecting Your New Bathroom Fittings
Once you’ve decided on the main bathroom fixtures you want to install, it’s time to choose the smaller details such as the faucets, towel rings and soap holders.

Choosing A Shower
Advice on choosing which type of shower would be best for your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting
Your choice of lighting is critical in achieving the mood you want to create in your bathroom.





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