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How To Choose The Right Shower Curtain 

A shower curtain is an inexpensive bathroom accessory that can really influence your bathroom’s appearance.  A well-chosen shower curtain that fits in with the general style of décor can enhance your bathroom’s image and bring the look together. 

Of course, shower curtains arn't just for decorative puposes. They also have the practical purpose of stopping water from spraying out of the shower area.  They are usually made from various types of plastic or fabric, which are either water-resistant or attached to a waterproof liner.  Most shower curtains are machine washable too, so it’s easy to keep them clean.



Shower Curtain   Floral Shower Curtain

Replacing a tatty or unfashionable shower curtain is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to give a bathroom an instant makeover.  You can use a shower curtain to add a splash of color to plain or dull décor, or choose a pattern that blends in with your tiles or walls. 

Try to coordinate your shower curtain with the colors of your towels and bath rugs, for a really smart, flowing appearance.  If you’re hanging a shower curtain for the first time - perhaps you’ve recently installed a shower over your bath, or built a shower stall - you’ll need to fix a curtain rod to the walls, from which to hang it.



Because shower curtains get a good soaking on a daily basis, they can be prone to mold.  To prolong the life of your shower curtain, a good habit to get into is to leave it shut when it’s not in use, to let the air circulate and help it dry.  If you’ve chosen a decorative curtain, keeping it closed is a great way to display it and improve the look and feel of your bathroom. 

Think about what kind of shower curtain would look good with your existing decor and color scheme. Fabric shower curtains come in many different patterns and colors, so it helps if you have some idea of the look you are after. For example, are you looking for a country style look, a beach theme or something nautical?

If you are planning to spruce up your bathroom’s appearance then take a look at the huge selection of shower curtains available. You may be surprised at the variety of different styles there are to choose from. Whether you are after a designer, hookless or novelty shower curtain you are sure to find a massive choice.  In addition there are lots of fashionable shower curtain rods as well as matching hooks and rings.

Giving your bathroom a new look can be very quick and affordable.  Buying a stall or bath shower curtain is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom a fresh new look, as well as being a practical means to prevent water spray escaping out of the shower area.