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Shower Stalls

Shower stalls come in a range of styles and sizes, and can be custom built to fit a particular space.  A shower stall or enclosure acts as a waterproof surrounding that confines the water to the shower area and stops the rest of the bathroom from getting drenched.  Modern shower stalls are made from tough materials such as tempered glass, acrylic or fiberglass, which look sleek and stylish and have the benefit of being easy to keep clean.

If you’re considering installing a shower in your bathroom, you’ll need to fit some kind of enclosure around it.  This could be as simple as attaching a shower screen to the side of your bathtub, if you’re putting in a shower above the bath.  If you want a completely separate shower stall, you’ll need to think carefully about the best location for it.  You’ll need to ensure it’s large enough for your needs and that it will fit in with your bathroom’s layout without obstructing access to your bath, sink or toilet. 

Glass Shower Stall     Glass Shower Stall


You can then purchase all the components that are needed to assemble your shower stall.  You’ll need to choose a shower tray – this will determine the size of your enclosure.  You’ll then need to buy the appropriate number of side panels, and some kind of matching door.  Various kinds of folding and sliding shower doors are available.  How many side panels you need depends on how many tiled walls you already have.  For instance, a corner shower stall will have two walls, so you’ll only need one side panel and a door.

Shower stalls come in a variety of framed and frameless styles, including clear glass, etched and molded patterns.  Frameless shower enclosures are favored for their sleek, open appearance, whereas framed ones come with a choice of different frames such as chrome or stainless steel.  Which style you choose depends on your personal tastes and budget, but for the best results think about what look you’re trying to achieve in your bathroom and select a shower stall design that will fit in with your bathroom’s theme.